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AWA Djembe drums are constructed with the finest materials available providing a quality of djembe unlike any other you will have experienced before. Each AWA Djembe undertakes a strict selection process before assembly.

The djembe shells are carved from precious exotic wood such as Lenke, Khare, Dugura, Djalla, Kolo Kolo all especially dedicated to the making of the djembe.

Every shell is carved by artisans in Guinea, West Africa, pre-dried and quality checked before assembly by AWA Director Jeremy Tomasck who is based in Belgium.

The component parts of AWA Djembes are all of the highest quality.

The rings used are perfectly shaped to the exact diameter of each shell, the bearing edge is finished to optimal playing comfort.

The skin on each djembe is selected according to strict criteria for thickness, aesthetic quality and each djembe is secured with the highest quality pre-stretched rope.

The combination of all the components above make AWA Djembes some of the most sought after pieces in the world. Even the great Master Mamady Keita recognised the quality of these djembes and created the signature series with AWA director Jeremy Tomasck.

The quality of craftsmanship of an AWA Djembe guarantees you an instrument for life. AWA ship djembes worldwide so why not take a look at our website and invest in a djembe that will inspire you to develop your ability and knowledge of African djembe music.


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