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The mallets are made with different types of wood branches and heads of hand-felted sheeps wool. The density of the wood and the felt defines the sound. Each mallets has its own particular sound signature. Every one of them will bring a different character and articulation to the pieces being played.


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AWA Warranty System

We value quality instruments and we value quality service. That said, we recognize that skin breakage is one area of concern for our customers. We've all heard the stories about someone tuning their djembe just right only to have the skin break on them. This is a common occurrence that we have come to accept as part of the deal when it comes to these instruments. Generally speaking if a skin is going to break premature it will happen in the first 3 months. To compensate for this risk, AWA offers the following warranty.


AWA Series Djembe :
If skin breakage occurs within...

  • 0-1 MONTHS: 100% Repair Coverage. Customer pays all ship costs.


Mamady Keita’s Sig Series  -Sidiki Dembele Sig Series :
If skin breakage occurs within...

  • THE 1st MONTH: 100% Repair Coverage. Customer pays all ship costs.

  • THE 2nd MONTH: 75% Repair Coverage. Customer pays all ship costs.

  • THE 3rd MONTH: 50% Repair Coverage. Customer pays all ship costs.

These time frames are based on the date the drum was shipped.

Please note that our warranty is not an open door to tune your djembe beyond its capacity. Please keep in mind that all AWA Series djembes begin tuned exceptional tight and therefore each diamond added makes a significant difference in tuning. Tuning should always be done at a slow rate so that the skin can ease into the tension and become more elastic. One final note...all skins eventually break. This is natural and to be expected.

Mamady Keita’s Sig Series & AWA Wrapped Djembes - Sidiki Dembele Sig Series :
We tune our drums for accompaniment, but can tune it for a solo drum if you prefer. However, tuning for a solo drum puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the skin and it is therefore void of our warranty. This includes any drum that has a rope wrap on it because those drums are tuned for solo before they are wrapped.

Case Warranty:
If stitching on any AWA Djembe case comes apart within 6 months, Djembe AWA will pay a cobbler in customer's home town to repair the case.

Skin Warranty:
Skins should be inspected before soaking & heading. Skins are a natural product and Djembe AWA cannot guarantee the life of an organic skin.

All of Djembe AWA's goat skins are natural and do not use any chemicals to treat the skins. Chemicals used to treat goat skins are generally highly toxic and it is our policy to avoid such chemicals on the skins as well as by humans using the skins.

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